Are You Serious About Your Computer Security? Free Antivirus Software Downloads

When you know about things such as an antivirus and a firewall, but still have problems with your PC, it's time to start paying attention.

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If you don't pay attention to the things mentioned here, your PC may act in strange ways and you may be forced to format your PC, which is a tedious task, to say the least.

Computer security

Most people are aware that antivirus software is important, but there's also a few other programs you'll need to make sure that your computer runs fast, safe and efficient, since things like spyware can slow down your computer and also make your life difficult.

It's critical that you have these type of programs installed, since privacy is also an issue here.


Free anti virus

AVG - If you have an older computer, use AVG. It will update automatically and will only slow down your computer a bit during its daily scan of about 1-5 hrs or even longer, depending on the amount of files you have.

Avast - This is the anti virus program I prefer to use. It updates automatically and continually scans your PC. However, if you have an older PC, you might notice that it's running slower... if it's a problem, use AVG.

I've used both and are very happy with them. If you already have another antivirus program installed, why not give my recommendations a try?

You might think that your current antivirus is the best, but you might just be surprised about its effectiveness.

Free Anti Spyware

Adaware - Scans your computer for spyware that anti virus programs does not pick up. You can get infected with spyware just by surfing the net or by downloading various things.

In some cases, original products that you have paid for can also contain spyware. Spyware can also slow down your computer a lot and cause unwanted pop ups when you surf the net.

Spybot - Another good anti spyware program to use in conjunction with Adaware. Use both to be on the safe side. Make sure that you use the immunize feature.

Anti Spy Ware (Not Free)

Zemana Anti Logger - Some people spy on other people with spy programs that can see everything you do on your computer ...this is the best anti-hacker software to detect it. Click here for Free Trial!

Firewall (Free)

ZoneAlarm firewall - Very nice. Tells you exactly what program is trying to access the internet from your PC and blocks any unwanted programs or hackers trying to gain access to your PC from the internet.

A firewall is critical and definitely recommended.

There is a bit of a learning curve to using Zonealarm, but once you get to know the software, it's a breeze to use and will give you peace of mind.

If you use the free anti virus and the other software recommendations, your pc should be safe from harm.

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